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The network for e-commerce and cross-channel activity.

ECC Köln is the first port of call for analyses and strategic consultancy on the trends and developments in the retail world. ECC Köln is associated with the renowned IFH Köln institute and the large network it has established. Since 1999, ECC Köln experts have been helping retailers, manufacturers and service providers to benefit from high-calibre expertise in methodology as well as an extensive market database and the strategic know-how of a committed team.

ECC-Club provides decision makers in retail and the retail environment with an exclusive platform to give valuable insights into the retail sector. Members get access to the latest inside information, current studies of ECC Köln, and tickets for exclusive events. The different membership models provide the appropriate service package for every company.


The right package for you and your company

Classic Premium Platin Platin+
Annual membership fee in € (net) 750,- 1.200,- 2.400,- 3.900,-
Access to the exclusive ECC-Club platform with current insights and studies of ECC Köln and IFH Köln

As an ECC-Club member you get access to the exclusive ECC-Club platform, which provides current insights and studies of ECC Köln and IFH Köln.

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20 % discount on all further studies of ECC Köln and IFH Köln

As an ECC-Club member you receive 20 % discount on studies of IFH Köln.
An overview is available under: www.ifhshop.de/

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High visibility and reach through the positioning as ECC-Club member on public appearences and other marketing measures

We position your business on all our public appearences, our website as well as other marketing measures. Leverage your business activities through our reach!

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Advertisement of your events in our IFH-Event calendar

As an ECC-Club member you have the opportunity to promote your business events in our IFH-Event calendar.

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25 % discount on newsletter advertisements

As an ECC-Club member you get an extra 25 % discount for ad displays that you would like to place in our newsletter "Handel im Fokus - News"

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Publication of a short interview in the IFH blog

As a Premium, Platin or Platin + member you benefit from the publication of a short interview with a selected employee of your business, which will be published in the IFH blog.

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Free tickets for the biannual ECC-Forum and the networking events on the preceding evening (each for 2 persons)

Starting from our Premium membership package, you receive two free tickets for the two-day ECC Forum and the Community-Night.

The next ECC-Forum takes place in April 2019 and will focus on B2C and B2B topics on two successive days. Further information and a review of previous ECC Forums is available under: www.ecc-forum.de

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Free tickets for the BE.INSIDE – the exclusive PRE-dmexco-Event (only for manufacturers/dealers)

Starting from our Premium membership package, you receive two free tickets for the BE.INSIDE on the preceding evening of the Dmexco trade fair. – only for manufacturers/dealers –

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Participation in Germany-wide ECC-Club events

As a Premium or Platin member you are most welcome to attend our Germany-wide ECC-Club events that give you the opportunity to network and gain important knowledge about various topics.

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20 % discount on regular tickets for the Faszination Handel

We offer all members, who at least obtain a Premium membership, an extra 20 % discount on regular tickets for the Faszination Handel events.

For more information visit: www.ifhkoeln.de/events



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German specialist presentation of an ECC expert

As a platin member you can choose one of our experts of ECC Köln to hold a German specialist presentation on your topic of interest. 

Subjects could be:

  • Success factors in e-commerce
  • Cross-Channel – Quo Vadis
  • Status quo and developments in B2B e-commerce
  • ECC-Payment-Study
  • Digitalisation of the point-of-sale
  • Online payment from the retailers'- and consumers' perspective
  • The power of customer loyalty
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Positioning of your company within the annual ECC-Club study and use of the study for generating leads

Our platin members appear as sponsors (including your company profile) in the annual ECC-Club study and thereby benefit from publicity gained through study sales.

Additionally you have the opportunity to offer the study for download in order to generate leads.

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Participation in exclusive business roundtables

Manufacturers and dealers who are Platin + members, are welcome to participate in our exclusive business roundtables. Within these small work groups, we enable decision-makers to exchange knowledge, tips and tricks. – depending on availability –

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Start-up discount

Start-Ups receive a discount of 50 percent on their first annual membership fee.

Requirements for the discount are that your business is in foundation or not older than three years and that you employ a maximum of five freelance and / or permanent workers.

ECC-Club Members

Already more than 360 businesses are part of our ECC-Club-Community: